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IPL 2020’s Anthem allegedly plagiarized : KR$NA accuses BCCI

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The season 13 of the IPL is not less than an obstacle course for the players, the fans, the management and the sponsors too. With hurdles including players, members and staff of CSK getting tested positive for COVID-19 infection; Suresh Raina and Harbajan Singh opting out of the tournament due to ‘personal reasons’; disputes and altecations over the sponsorship; a giagantic delay in the schedule; matches without audience; fixtures at different venues abroad, the best cricket premier league in the world has been in the spotlight ,as always, despite these tough times.

With just 13 days left for the first balll, on 6th september the IPL released their anthem for this season which is titled “AAYENGE HUM VAPAS” meaning “we will be back”. The IPL announced the new anthem on Twitter with the video gaining 445 thousand views on twitter and 15 lakh views on Youtube. The organisation tweeted- “The greater the setback 😷 The stronger the comeback 💪We can sum it up in 3 words: AAYENGE HUM WAPAS 🎶Watch #Dream11IPL starting Sept 19 on @DisneyPlusHS, @StarSportsIndia @Hotstarusa #Dream11IPL #AayengeHumWapas #StrongerTogether #Anthem.”

Nevertheless, the highly anticipated song has now become a thing for the IPL enthusiasts after rapper KR$NA’s take on the song. The rapper who is quite known in India has alleged that the anthem has been copied from his rap song titled “DEKH KAUN AAYA WAPAS” released in 2017 which has been streamed over 7.3 lakh times. on the day after the release of the anthem, the rapper expressed his anger by tweeting, “Hey guys, @IPL has plagiarised my song “Dekh Kaun Aaya Waapas” and created “Aayenge Hum Wapas” as this years anthem without credit or consent. I request my fellow artists and friends on twitter to RT this tweet for awareness, they can not get away with this. @DisneyPlusHS”

Since then netizens have been sharing their views on this issue through memes, posts, tweets etc. Some even poked fun by renaming the popular league as “Indian Plagiarism League”. “Shame on IPL they copied the whole song of @realkrsna “dekh kaun aaya waps” If u guys can host such a big tournament why don’t u guys make a original anthem. #ShameOnIpl , #IplAnthemCopied ” says one user. “This is Scary! @realkrsna Content had been Copied/plagiarized By IPL Anthem . They will never know Artist put themselves totally into the project to make a content like that and People copy it without any Shame. #IplAnthemCopied We are with you Man @realkrsna” tweeted another user.

In response to these allegations, Pranav Ajayrao Malpe – composer of the 93 second video said that he was in a shock after hearing comming across the allegations. he says, “I was shocked. My composition is original and is not inspired by any other artist’s work. It has been created by me and my team with all our hard work and efforts.” During his interaction with ANI, the composer said, “I would like to share with you a certificate from the Music Composer’s Association of India which is based on the findings of four well-known music composers who compared the two songs. The certificate clearly clarifies that there is no similarity between the two songs.”

To his surprise, Krishna Kaul, the rapper on thursday morning tweeted, “This is scary! I just got word that ‘Music Composer’s Association of India’ has suggested that plagiarisation of Hip Hop songs is permissible in their opinion because all hip hop songs sound the same. Shabaash! Tumhara khoon khoon, hamara khoon paani! #IPLanthemcopied”