“Hello Bondhura”, this is ‘Live Girl’ Samshikha Mazumder : Shanku Sharma

    “Hello Bondhura” has become quite a popular catchphrase and a way of greeting, at least for the citizens and the netizens of Silchar as well as Barak Valley. Yes, it’s Samshikha Mazumder, who sweetly greets all whenever and wherever she goes live, posts videos, and appears on the camera/Facebook. She can be the girl next door, she can look drop-dead gorgeous, she can even don a Western outfit and also wear a traditional dress gracefully like a queen.

    The multi-talented vlogger, cultural activist, singer, theatre and short film actor, journalist, and voice-over artist is an all-in-one package of entertainment, enlightenment, enthusiasm, and energy. Her image of a bubbly, beautiful, and well-dressed anchor has become a common sight for at least those people active on social media and who watch Barak Television Network (BTN). She is one girl who can do anything to help people in distress. She is currently also associated with her late father’s dream club ‘Tarun Sangha’, ‘Ganer Dol’, and theatre groups ‘Ajker Projonmo’ and ‘Bibartan Theatre Group’.

    “I would love to be a vlogger. I and my friend Sushmita used to go live on Facebook. Many people in Silchar do not know about it. We used to go from place to place taking interviews of people. Sushmita went to Delhi, leaving me all alone. But till now, whenever I like anything around me, I do a Facebook live to showcase the beauty of a thing or things. Anything good and inspiring catches my fancy. Interestingly, people call me ‘Live Girl’. This inspired me to take up Mass Communication and Journalism and pursue a career in media,” said Samshikha.

    Professional, the talented Samshikha is attached with BTN as its anchor and newsreader. She also tutors students privately. “I teach students privately as I do not want to waste even my leisure time. I feel that one should spend life working hard, without wasting time. My parents, who are my gurus, taught me one thing – be an active person and work for society. There is no need to become a heroine. Do not do anything just for showoff. Do it from the core of your heart and people will definitely appreciate and admire you and your efforts. I follow these words and I would like to work till my last breath,” she said.

    Samshikha passed out from Silchar Collegiate School. Since her calling lay in the Arts stream, she persuaded Higher Secondary in Arts from the prestigious Ramanuj Gupta College. Her love for English Literature prompted her to pursue a B.A. Degree in English (Honours) from Guru Charan College.

    It was her admission into Assam University’s Department of Mass Communication changed/shaped the future course of her life/career. She did not confine her studies/Mass Communication knowledge to the University only. Slowly but surely, Samshikha began making a mark in the world of journalism, television production, and media.

    Life is not a bed of roses only. The untimely demise of her father in 2011 during Durga Puja left her heartbroken. “That incident changed me a lot. I have a supportive joint family and they always help me. My father’s sudden demise made me more matured. I grew up quickly. In fact, I started tutoring students. I idolise my mother. She has been looking after the family just like my father would have done. I lost my father when I was just 15 years. My father was the most crucial part of my life. People still remember him for his good deeds, and I am his proud daughter. Often, I am told that I am my father’s replica and that encourages me to grow more,” said Samshikha.

    Samshikha said, “And that part of my father has been taken by Sayan da (Sayan Biswas – sports journalist, sports editor, cultural activist, actor, theatre director, dramatist, and playwright). He has been helping like a true guardian. In fact, it was he who introduced me to the cultural world. However, I was associated with the cultural world when I was 5 years old. My father always used to support me. I learned Kathak, Rabindranritya from Chandan Mazumder, music from various teachers, paintings and secured many prizes. There was a time I along with my friends Debraj, Camelia, Dibashkar, Ishita among others, were a group and used to take part in various competitions. We took part at various competitions organised by The Greens, Silchar, Town Club, Silchar, and Silchar District Sports Association.”

    Samshikha Mazumder is a well-loved media personality in Silchar.

    (This article has been written by our guest contributor Mr. Shanku Sharma)

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