Congratulations for the success, but failure isn’t the end of the world

    The overall pass percentage for the academic year 2020 has followed a slightly upward trend achieving 64.8% in comparison to that of last year’s, remaining 60.23%. The overall pass percentage is an aggregate of pass percentages of the males (66.93%) and the females (62.91%).

    A total of 3,42,224 students were enrolled for the HSLC examination conducted under SEBA with 42 students securing positions among the top 10.

    But considering the other side of the table, the number of students who failed remains as large as 1,20,468. This out-turn is bound to arise as a dark cloud, downheartening many but it’s not the end. Infact, this examination remains as the first of the many important events that the future has in store for us. On an affirmative note, if this failure further ambers within the students, a will to achieve success then they remain of the beneficiary side.

    So, students who couldn’t achieve the better of their potentials are requested to not indulge in self doubt and instead consider this failure as prime force to fuel up their motivation and work harder in a determined way for future opportunities.

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