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Apple’s iPhone iPad designers develop special face mask for employees

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In typical Apple style, The mask look unique with large covering on top and bottoms for the virus nose and chin. Made up of three layers and 5 times washable. Company is beginning to distribute eat to the corporate and retail employees to limit the spread of covid-19.

Face mask is developed by engineering and industrial design teams with the feature of filtering incoming and outgoing particles. It also has adjustable strings to fit around a person’s ear area. Apple will start sending the Apple face mask to the staff over the next two weaks.

The company confirmed that it conducted careful research and testing to find the right material to filter the air properly.

Other model ‘the clear mask’, is the first FDA cleared surgical mask that is completely transparent. It shows the full face so the people who are deaf or hard to hearing can easily understand what the wearer is saying. They’ve worked with Washington based Gallaudet university.

The mac, iPod, iPhones, iPad, Apple watch, air pods and now Apple face mask and face shield. Although the image of new mask is yet to be released.

Apple told that design the mask with existing personal protective equipment supply change in mind, taking care not to disrupt the existing flow.

Disappointment to some of the Apple fans that the mask is only for Apple’s corporate and retail staff not for the Apple users and general public.
But Apple assured that it will try to distribute the mask more widely.