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Play “IPL WASP : Predict the First Innings Score Contest” and win exciting prizes

IPL WASP, in collaboration with Career Grow Today, has come up with an amazing contest, “IPL WASP : Predict the First Innings Score Contest”. This contest gives a chance to all the cricket enthusiasts, to come underneath the “Predictor’s Hat” and win digital courses worth Rs. 17,000.

“IPL WASP : Predict the First Innings Score Contest” gives potential predictors the opportunity to predict the first innings score in four specified IPL Matches. The mobile application “IPL WASP” will be a free digital assistant to the contenders as it helps in making predictions, using reliable mathematical formulae and various permutations and combinations.

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The HOD of the Department of Statistics, Professor Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee, the founder of the application, “IPL WASP” and the principal organiser of the contest, in a conversation with Cachar Chronicles stated, “We have been doing research on Cricket Analytics for a long period of 11 years since 2009. Earlier, we have developed several concepts and they were published in reputed journals. Besides, we have got books, published under a well reputed publisher like Springer Nature. Currently, we have the idea of doing something for the energetic fans of cricket, and thus we came up with the application, which has been named IPL WASP. This mobile application predicts the first innings score in a match and during the second innings, it calculates the win probability of the chasing team. This application will work for almost all formats of the game including various domestic premiere leagues such as Indian Premiere League, Bangladesh Premiere League, Big Bash etc.”

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The Top 10 performers of the contest will be awarded with digital courses worth Rs. 15,000, such as, Advance Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, Email Marketing 3.0, WhatsApp Marketing, Webinar Marketing, to name a few. Life Direction Academy will educate the winners regarding the mentioned digital courses. In addition to that, the Top 3 performers of the contest will be awarded with Free AI Enabled Career Report, worth Rs. 2,000 by Career Grow Today.

The founder of Life Direction Academy and Career Grow Today, Biprangshu Bhattacharjee, when approached by Cachar Chronicles, stated, “Cricket is that form of entertainment, which attracts probably the biggest group of young people around India. Our organisation knows the importance of knowledge and career, especially for the youth. Thus, Career Grow Today has collaborated with Professor Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee to educate the young winners about the importance of a good career and to direct them towards a right career path. In addition, Life Direction Academy knows the importance of digital marketing in this era. As a matter of fact, Digital Marketing will have even larger scopes post the pandemic. Thus, Life Direction Academy has decided to offer free courses on Digital Marketing to the winners.”

When asked to elaborate the importance of career counselling, Bhattacharjee explained, “Entertainment and career preparation should be parallelly given equal importance. Future of young man/woman is decided by the career, he/she chooses. Every individual has a unique type of intelligence, and thus have unique combinations of career options, that will suit his type of intelligence. AI Enabled Career Report helps an individual to know his type of intelligence and thus identify the best career options for him/her.”

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The rules of the contest are enlisted below:-

  • An individual can join the contest from one phone number only.
  • A person, joining the contest, must provide the response for the following four matches:-
Match NumberDateMatchDeadline for sending response
1028/09/2020RCB vs MI8 PM of 28/09/2020
1129/09/2020DC vs SRH8 PM of 29/09/2020
1230/09/2020RR vs KKR8 PM of 30/09/2020
1301/10/2020KXIP vs MI8 PM of 01/10/2020
  • The participant must make their prediction for the four above mentioned matches. The responses must be submitted within the deadline.
  • The response is to be sent as an SMS on 9531045037. The format of sending the response is as follows :-

Name: ________________
Date: __/__/2020
Predicted Score: ___

  • The contestant must participate on all the four days. Not participating in any of the matches will lead to disqualification. Submitting response post the deadline will lead to disqualification as well.
  • Every contestant is allowed to take the help of the mobile application, “IPL WASP”, which is available on Google Playstore.
  • The proximity between the predicted score and the actual score for all the 4 matches will be computed and aggregated. The participant with the least difference in the proximity between the aggregated predicted score and the actual score, shall win the competition. For the purpose of aggregation, un-weighted Euclidian distance shall be used.