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Online Career Counselling now in Silchar : Read to know its importance

“Choosing the right career” has long been a topic of discussion for uncountable students, soon after their senior secondary examination. With the system, providing uncountable options, students find themselves in the middle of nowhere, while choosing their career. There are many misleading inspirations, motivations and informations, which often drive the students to choose that career path, which might not prove to be suitable for him/her in the future. Many discontinue even before completing their courses, others try hard but fail miserably, and in the most unfortunate circumstances, few of them come across the fate of killing themselves (suicide).

As on 2018, every hour, one student commits suicide in India, with about 28 such suicides reported every day, according to data compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). The NCRB data further states that 10,159 students, died by committing suicide in 2018, which was an increase from 9,905 in 2017, and 9,478 in 2016. At this point, a famous dialogue from the series “Kota Factory” pops up in mind, “पुरे भारत मे 7 लाख से ज़्यादा बच्चों के 10th मे 90% से ऊपर number आते है, अकेले CBSE मे 2 लाख से ऊपर, और IIT मे seats कितनी है? मात्र 5,273, अगर सिर्फ 90% के ऊपर वाले बच्चे भी IIT के exams दे, तो भी 99% बच्चों का नही हो पायेगा|” This does not mean that true IIT aspirants, who deserve to be IITians should stop aspiring; rather, what it does mean is that, those students, who are being pressurised to prepare for IITs, without the self-will of the students, and those whose intelligence is not properly suited in the academic structure and requirements of IITs, have negligible chance of cracking the examination, and this theory is applicable to every other educational and career options. Every year, Kota produces engineers and doctors, but the side of the coin, which we do not know, is the fact that, solely in 2018, 19 students committed suicide in Kota; this number was 7 in 2017 and 17 in 2016.

Now that brings us to understand the true values of “Career Counselling”. The two worded phrase, if differentiated, gives us two separate words, ‘Career’ & ‘Counselling’. Career, as defined by professionals, means “Choosing a pathway to settle up in your future and earn money out of your profession”; Counselling, as defined by professionals, means “Discussing your plan and taking suggestion or advice from a professional”. Thus, career counselling means, “Discussing and taking advice about the profession, you should pursue in future, from a professional and expert counsellor”.

Biprangshu Bhattacharjee, a career counselling expert from Cachar, informed the exact process of career counselling:-

  • In career counselling, the counsellor will let you perform a scientific assessment. Why scientific assessment? —-> The scientific assessment is 95% reliable and unbiased; it will tell you about your interest areas, your skill set, your personality, your learning style and accordingly you can explore the related career options.
  • In career counselling, the counsellor will provide you with the detailed report of assessment and accordingly, explain you the reasons of your report, and the challenges you might face in your future. The counsellor will explain you about your strengths, your objectives and other areas.
  • In career counselling, the counsellor will help you to explore all the career options, according to your skill sets, learning style and areas of interest.
  • In career counselling, the counsellor will tell you which career to choose? Why to choose? And how to choose?
  • The counsellor will explain you about the pros and cons of relative career options and will prepare career road-map for you.
  • In career counselling, the counsellor will tell you how to follow the career road-map, that he has prepared for you.

Biprangshu Bhattacharjee has a website for online career counselling of students. You may visit his website, “www.careergrowtoday.com” by clicking here.

Biprangshu Bhattacharjee, in a converation with Cachar Chronicles said, “There are different types of courses on the website. As soon as a student subscribes to a test, he/she will be asked to take a Psychometric test, which is based on advance Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a type of simple quiz, which will yield a personalized report for that student. The report will give him three career options to choose from, with proper reasons. The report is generated on the basis of the aptitude and interests of the student.” Bhattacharjee further added, “Once the psychometric test is over, the student shall consult with me and then I have a team of over 200 career counselling experts from all over India who will be in contact with the student.”

Biprangshu Bhattacharjee, the author of the book, “Life Direction” and an expert in the field of Career Counselling and Life Coaching, has been a sort of GPS for uncountable number of young people in and around the valley. He is a professional Career Counsellor as well as an expert Life Coach.


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