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“Have an optimistic attitude towards life and set a goal”, says Dr. Monika Deb on “Alapchitra” conducted by Leo Club of Silchar Central

On the occasion of National Women’s Equality Day, Leo Club Of Silchar Central invited Dr. Monika Deb, an eminent gynecologist of this valley, a lady who is dominating Barak Valley’s health care sector for a long time now, in a session named “ALAPCHARITA” with Leo Preeti Sharma as the moderator. The session was flooded with a lot of questions from all the viewers, majority of them being the youth of the valley.

Dr. Monika Deb addressed a lot of issues like how menstrual hygiene is important for girls. She also addressed the burning question of the importance of sex education in today’s time.

According to the Leo Club Of Silchar Central, the session was a very successful one, the kind of response it received from the viewers is worth appreciating. The live session from Leo Club Of Silchar Central provided the masses, a platform to ask direct questions about menstrual hygiene to an eminent gynecologist like Dr. Deb. The successful session itself proves that how the younger generation of our valley understand the importance of menstrual hygiene and don’t shy away from asking questions related to this.

Dr. Deb in that session, also shared her COVID-19 experience. She asked the viewers not to panic. At the end of the session, Dr. Deb asked all the youth to have an optimistic attitude towards life and set a goal. She also asked them to be friendly with their parents and to reach out to them when in need.