'Due to this another year of my life is being wasted' stated a student of Cachar College

Soon after the students of Women's College raised their voice, students from other colleges have....

Recently, Assam University released their TDC Odd Sem results, and soon after that, many students were filled with disappointment. Some of them were unable to comprehend how they had failed in certain subjects. According to these students, they performed well in the exams. They claim to hve written the right answers during the entire duration of their exam. However, they only received 0, 1, or 2 marks. All of them have the same question: 'how?' and 'why?'

The students of Women's College were among the first to speak up. They expressed their feelings through a Confession page dedicated to Assam University, and they also spoke with Cachar Chronicles and shared their opinions. Cachar Chronicles also contacted the principal of Women's College to get their side of the story, as well as the exam controller from Assam University.

Following this, other students have also started to come forward. Cachar Chronicles interviewed students from Cachar College, and they claimed something similar. "Our exams went well, and so did our friends', yet all of us received terrible marks, even though some of us answered all the questions," stated one student of Cachar College who is pursuing a Bachelor's in Science with Honors. She further added, "I cross-checked my answers after returning home, so I know they were correct. However, I only received 7, and the same story goes for my friends."

When asked if all students received similar results, she claimed that only a few regular students passed with just passing marks. 'Both the students who had arrear papers and those who had regular papers faced the same fate. As far as I know, students from other colleges have also received low marks,' she explained. She also informed that she had spoken with students from other colleges, and according to her claims, they also share the same fate as her and her friends.

Another student from Cachar College stated the same. He said, 'Like Women's College, we also received low marks.' He further added and said, 'In our college, almost everyone failed.' When asked about his own marks, he said, 'I only received 1 in math, and I know for a fact that I answered correctly.' He couldn't understand how someone could receive only 1 in math. 'My friend also received low marks, and other students in our college faced the same issue.'

Both students expressed their disappointment and stated that due to these results, another year of their lives is being wasted. Previously, Women's College students raised their voice and questioned how this could be possible. They believed it could be due to negligence during the marking process.

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