'Women's College has ruined us. They've ruined our plans, aims, and left us hopeless,' states a Student

Assam University released the results of TDC Students, and while many were celebrating their.....

Recently, Assam University released the results of TDC Students, and while many were celebrating their scores, others were left disappointed. Similarly, students from Women's College, which is under Assam University, received their results, but it was not what they were expecting.

Several students claimed that their exam papers were good, they provided many answers, and they were confident that their answers were correct and deserving of a passing grade. However, they were shocked to receive underwhelming marks. They alleged negligence during the paper checking process, resulting in them having backlogs.

To express their grievances, the students of Women's College utilized a confession page dedicated to Assam University. They claimed that approximately 300 students from their college faced a similar fate. While talking to Cachar Chronicles one student shared, 'We wrote for 2 hours straight, and even after that, we received marks like 0 or 1. How is it possible?' They were confused at how they could receive such low marks despite putting in considerable effort.

The students further stated that the authorities of Women's College had abandoned them. One student even alleged that the authorities had threatened them into silence. When asked about these claims, the principal of the college denied them, emphasizing that the college had nothing to gain from silencing the students. The principal stated, 'If our students get good results, that would be a matter of pride. Why would we ask our students to stay silent?' The principal added that they had contacted the Exam Controller of Assam University, who had suggested opting for the Reevaluation Process.

The principal also mentioned that the COVID-19 situation had led to changes in the college environment, resulting in reduced student attendance. This factor was suggested as a possible reason behind the unexpected results. The principal assured that if the students submitted a written appeal, the college would gladly forward it to the university. However, the students claimed that when they attempted to submit a written appeal with the signatures of other students, the college allegedly avoided accepting it. One student claimed that the principal was ignoring them.

Another student shared, 'When we complained about the issue, they (Women's College Authority) told us to submit our names, roll numbers, registration numbers, and subjects we failed in, along with the obtained marks. We followed their instructions and went to submit it, but then they added that we needed to sign our signatures." She continued, "We visited the college the next day to sign the signatures, and when we were done, we went to submit the list, but none of the staff members were willing to take it. They told us to wait for the principal who was already ignoring us.'

Expressing her frustration, she questioned, 'If they weren't going to take the list, why did they even bother asking us to submit it?" She further stated that they visited the college for three more days but failed to convince the teachers to assist them. "Women's College has ruined us. They've ruined our plans, aims, and left us hopeless,' she added.

The students also claimed that the students of GC College usually receives a grace of 4-5 marks from the university, while their college never received such leniency. They questioned the reasoning behind such partiality, demanding to know why it existed.

Their primary demand is to have their papers reevaluated free of charge. They argued that since they were confident they had made no mistakes in their papers, they should not be required to pay ₹200.

The Exam Controller of Assam University, when contacted, refused to comment, stating that he would not provide any remarks until the students filed a written complaint. He emphasized that the responsibility of checking the papers lies with the teachers, and the exam cell has no control over the process. He stated, 'First of all, teachers check the papers, and our job is to process the results. If there was any negligence or if the teachers did not fulfill their responsibilities, then I have no comment on this matter.'

These events raise several questions. How much truth is there in these claims? If they are indeed true, what actions will the Assam University authority take? Is it right to jeopardize students' futures by tampering with their exam results? These questions remain unanswered, and the students are still unaware of the true reasons behind their unexpected results.

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