Silchar: Pathetic weather condition, rise in mosquitoes, residents in distress

In the last couple of days Silchar had witnessed a soaring temperature making the life of people…

In the last couple of days Silchar had witnessed  a soaring temperature making the life of people residing in Silchar very miserable. It could be seen that the temperature recorded in the last few days was no less than 30 degrees Celsius. According to the graph released by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) on the  weather report and forecast for Silchar the temperature recorded of the last 5 days were all above 30 degrees Celsius with maximum temperature recorded on 6th June 2023 with 38 degrees Celsius. Further, it should not be neglected that with rising temperatures comes another obstacle of facing with the rise of mosquitoes in several parts of Silchar.


In order to know about various problems faced by the Silcharian with regards to increase in mosquitoes due to rise in temperature, Cachar Chronicles interacted with few people residing in different corners of Silchar. In accordance, following are the views and opinions of the people regarding the said problem:


Vicky, a resident of Link Road shared his opinion regarding the increase in mosquitoes in his area. He stated that he is facing minimal difficulties because in order to prevent and to protect his family from mosquitoes he had installed mosquito nets around his house. However, he mentioned that in the same building where he stays there were other families living with no protection of mosquito nets and because of that they are facing huge problem because of mosquitoes in such an exasperating temperature. Further, Vicky informed that the main cause of increase in mosquitoes in his area was uncovered drains. He said that if the Municipality would cover the drains the people might not face much difficulty. He also stated that people throwing solid waste in the open drains should be fined. According to him, fine system should be implemented and strictly followed.


According to Rudranee Das, a resident of Rangirkhari Madan Mohan Park Lane, she  agreed with the fact that because of the rising temperature the mosquitoes were considerably increasing in her area. She said that in such a distressing weather condition turning on the fan in the evening with mosquito plug-in repellent would do some justice but with the introduction of pre-paid electricity bill payment by the Assam Power Distribution Companies Limited (APDCL) had caused more difficulty.


Neelakshi Roy, a resident of Fakirtila near NIT Silchar shared her opinion by saying that she did not face much of a difficulties as temperature in her area was much better than the temperature in the main Silchar town and she also stated that mosquitoes were considerably less in her area.


R. Rongmei from Fatak Bazar area stated that the rising temperature had been an issue in the last couple of days and when asked about the increase in mosquitoes he informed that it has become quite difficult for the people residing in the Fatak Bazar area due to mosquitoes. Further, he stated that mosquitoes were considerably increasing due to uncovered drains and accumulation of stagnant water. When asked about the fogging done by the municipality in the Fatak Bazar area to kill and prevent mosquitoes from spreading, he informed that the last time done was after the flood. Apart from that he also mentioned that due to the pre-paid electricity bill payment the condition has become more miserable.



From the above views and opinions it becomes evident that the rise in temperature had surely made the life of the people living in Silchar miserable. In accordance the increase in mosquitoes had caused more distress among the people in Silchar.


Dr. Katie Anders, Director of Impact Assessment at the World Mosquito Program stated that ‘Rising global temperatures are causing an expansion in the areas in which mosquitoes thrive. This puts more communities at risk and makes more months each year favourable to disease transmission in places already prone to mosquito-borne disease.’


Amid rising temperature the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar IAS Rohan Kumar Jha, following the issuance of the notice given by the Department of School Education in Assam had revised the timetables for both Government and Private schools with the aim of ensuring safety and protection of students from the scorching heat of the sun. However, it is high time that not only in the field of education but the authority should also look into the matter of increase in mosquitoes due to rising temperature as it might further create more havoc by deteriorating the living conditions of Silcharian. Further, it is important that the Municipality along with the other authorities should work together in order to make Silchar a place really suitable for living.

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