Review: Bapi O Bubun an independent Film of Silchar, A MUST WATCH!

Cinema is a way to get a glimpse of reality in a fictional setup. It can show us lighthearted storie

Cinema is a way to get a glimpse of reality in a fictional setup. It can show us lighthearted stories

Cinema is a way to get a glimpse of reality in a fictional setup. It can show us lighthearted stories that warm our souls and also teach us various things that can help us navigate our lives.

'Bapi o Bubun' is kind of both. It is a lighthearted story about a father and daughter duo with a meaningful lesson about friendship and family relationships. It tells the story of a school teacher named 'Bubun' and her father whom she calls 'Bapi,' hence the name 'Bapi o Bubun.' Another notable fact is that it was made in our very own Silchar. The cast, crew, and every single artist connected with this film are from Barak Valley.

The story of this film shows us the various ups and downs the father-daughter duo faces and how they manage to overcome them. The plot is simple and quite relatable. The character of 'Bapi' is a typical Bengali father that every Silcharian can relate to, while the character of Bubun has its layers. She is sweet, kind, obedient, and loves her father very much. However, she can also be a bit opinionated. Her views on a certain issue related to her father form the main conflict of this story.

The film also has a romantic angle between the character of Bubun and Souvik, her childhood friend. However, the romance is not the focal point of this story. The focal point remains her relationship with her father.

The music of this film is quite soothing that one may wish to listen to in a loop. The film has two songs, one title track and one romantic song, and both are quite beautiful.

Director Shubhijit Das, who also played the role of Souvik, called the story 'Tok Misti Jhal' as it encompasses all three of these elements: It is tangy, it is sweet, it is spicy. When asked to describe the characters of his film, he referred to the character of Bapi as 'straightforward' and Bubun as 'emotional.' He also described his own character as 'loving.' After watching the film, the audience will ask for more, as the film ends with a vague cliffhanger. 

Recently, people of Barak Valley and Silchar have been coming forward and proving that big dreams can be achieved if we strive for them. The team of 'Bapi o Bubun' and others like them are proving it daily. One day, Barak Valley may have its own lineup of films that people will enjoy and love. 

The film released on 4th June at Ellora Heritage where it had a total of 4 shows. The film received overwhelming response as the shows were house full. During the screening the cast and crew were also present and they also watched it along with the rest of the audience.

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