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Baba Ka Dhaba – A SCAM?

Limelight or stardom is instant, but difficult to hold on to, in this era of social media. However, the “Baba Ka Dhaba” story is set to prove this notion invalid for their case, particularly. The now famous couple have been receiving massive amount of attention from people all around the country and from all sorts of occupation.

Kanta Prasad and Badami Devi, the owners of Baba Ka Dhaba, rose to fame after a food vlogger uploaded the video showing their plight and difficulty to earn a living due to the coronavirus pandemic. He urged people to express their kindness by helping the couple. The video was broadcasted in the early October and since then, the owners of this food stall have not only seen an exploding crowd to support them, but also sponsorship from leading brands. The elderly couple has also undergone a free cataract surgery with the help from Sharp Eye Hospital. Yet now, the “Baba Ka Dhaba” story is again in the limelight for a very contrasting reason, when compared to the earlier ones. The food vlogger, Gaurav Vasan, who uploaded the video of this food stall, situated at Malviya Nagar in new Delhi, is being accused of running an online scam.

Youtuber Lakshay Chaudhary accused him for running an online scam and alleged him for asking for donations in the name of “Baba Ka Dhaba”, and using the amount for his own good. He claimed that Vasan had collected over Rs. 20 Lakhs in the name of helping the owners of the food stall and had not handed over the total amount to them. Vasan immediately replied to these accusations and stated them to be untrue and invalid. He said, “All allegations against me, are false. On 9th October, I had assured Baba, that his money was safe with me, and I have a proof to support my statement.”

The food vlogger of ‘Swad Official’ further gave out the details of the total amount, he had received, and assured that he had given the complete amount to Kanta Prasad. “I had given him (dhaba owner, Kanta Prasad and Badami Devi) a cheque of Rs 2.33 lakh and transferred the remaining Rs 1 lakh to his account, which equals to the total money, Rs. 3.33 lakh, that I had received as donation in his name. I’m in the process of arranging bank statements to prove the same.”

To his reaction on the video, claiming him as a fraudster and the allegations, he added, “I went to give the cheque to Kanta Prasad at 1 pm on the day, the video was uploaded, that had accused me of cheating; the point to be noted here is that the video was uploaded at 5pm (hours after Gaurav Vasan had given the cheque to Kanta Prasad); also, if there were Rs 25 lakhs in my account, as alleged, there would be bank statements to support that claim, but there aren’t any!”

Gaurav appended that he would be releasing the proofs supporting his innocence. “People who are asking for evidences are justified in doing so, and I shall hold up all necessary proofs. These allegations are a way to try and pull me down, there is no truth in them. I’ll be uploading all the evidences shortly, and then people can themselves decide the fate,” he summarized.

Now comes the big question – was “Baba Ka Dhaba” initiative a scam? This can only be answered once the so-called or presumed con man displays the required documentation, that would eventually prove him guilty or not guilty for the alleged scam.