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Tribute to the Entangled-Warriors : Remembering the Doctors in Paradise

In the fight against the vicious Corona virus contagion, the doctors and healthcare workers stand in the frontline. With the number of confirmed positive cases in India surpassing 7.2 lac and over 20 thousand deaths in the country, we all remain educated on the crucial role of doctors. We shed tears, empathising on the grief of the thousands who lost their lives, occasionally complaining for better healthcare facilities but little do we know about the sacrifices of the doctors. Statistics reveal that a total of 927 doctors have been tested positive throughout India, out of which 70 lost their lives in the battle. Summarising the mentionable, while considering the death of Indian doctors on account of the pendemic, the Case Mortality Rate reaches 11% while the average age at death is 56.3 years, ranging from 22 years to 96 years. The percentage of death of young doctors (i.e. under the age of 60) is 55.5% while that of under the age 50 and 40 are 29.6% and 21% respectively with Case Fatality Rate of 6.1%.

Majority of the population now remains occupied with trending topics like chinese apps ban, celebrity gossips and dirty politics which clearly compel the media portals to publish articles on the same topics. There are thousands of articles on the web on bogus topics like TikTok and YouTube vs TikTok but whatsoever very few highlighting the losses of the doctors. We can not take the sacrifices of the doctors for granted just because they are assigned to be working on this field. It needs to be considered that doctors are family holders as well, their loved ones cry in equal pain while the media decides to turn a blind eye towards the topic.

While concerning the health care facilities and the rapid recovery of the patients, the entire credit is given to the government and the administration. The government, no doubt plays a significantly important role but the masses fail to comprehend the unseen efforts of the doctors in this sector, who choose to serve in silence. While the media portals glorify the politicians and the public shower flowers on them, little heed is provided to the martyrs, who die serving in the hospitals. The efforts and initiatives of the government are to be appreciated but not without acknowledging the sacrifices our frontline warriors, the doctors.

In this hour of dire crisis, India needs to stand together in supporting and acknowledging all our heros, fighting on our behalf. With this been said, the entire team of Cachar Chronicles pay our deepest condolences to the families of the martyred doctors and stand alongside them in this period of inevitable despondency.

May their souls rest in peace.

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