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District Commissioner, Cachar, Held a Press Coneference on Sunday

District Commissioner, Cachar, Smt. Keerthi Jalli  IAS, held a press conference on Sunday. Additional Depity Commissioner, Shri Sumit Sattawan IAS and Media Expert, NHM Suman Choudhury were also present in the press conference.

The Deputy Commissioner listened to the ground level issues and suggestions, put forward by the media persons. Responding to the questions, the Deputy Commissioner said that the people of the district must stay alert and maintain self restraint in their activities. The detection of two new cases of COVID-19 positive, which have no travel history, has rung the emergency bells. She urged the people to strictly follow the rules and regulations, set by the Government, and avoid going out of their houses, unless they face an unavoidable emergency requirement. From the City down to the Gaon Panchayat, each citizen must realise the responsibility of self precaution and follow the guidelines for personal as well as common safety.

The Deputy Commissioner expressed her disappointment over the behaviour shown by the quarantined people in Don Bosco School, who had allegedly created chaos demanding for ‘One Room, One Toilet’. According to her, the quarantined persons must realise that the Administration is working hard to contain the spread of the virus in the district and consequently, they should cooperate.

She added that the issue of food being serve cold, had been addressed and a caterer has been assigned for each quarantine centre to ensure fresh food to the quarantined people on time.

She emphasised the need to maintain sanitation and practice social distancing at all levels.

In addition to that, she passed on her wishes on the occasion of Eid-Al-Fitre and requested everyone to celebrate the festival by staying indoors and offering prayers from homes, considering the gravity of the situation.

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