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COVID-19 : Has ‘Assam Model’ outshined the ‘Kerala Model’

Kerala is in prime time news for being the best performing state in this COVID-19 Pandemic. The term ‘Kerala Model’ has come into existence. A narrative has been set which directly suggests every other Indian state to follow the “Kerala Model”. However, we digged in and found out a different story.

As on 28th May, 2020 at 08:42 pm, Kerala has a total of 1088 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 526 as active cases; Assam on the other hand has a total of 880 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 770 as active cases. We can conclude that Assam seems to have contained the transmission in a way, which is better than that of Kerala, but it is too soon to draw an inference.

As on 28th May, 2020 at 08:42 pm, a total of 555 patients have recovered in Kerala, and 7 patients have suffered death; Assam, in the contrary, has seen 103 patients to have recovered and 4 patients to have suffered death. Kerala is way ahead with respect to the recovery rate, however Assam has an edge, considering the lower number of deaths in the state.

The world seems to be in a race with respect to the number of tests done. It is indeed an important aspect and should be compared. As on 28th May, 2020, total number of tests done in the state of Kerala is 60685; 58460 samples tested negative, and 1088 samples tested positive; the results of 1137 samples are yet to be announced. However, as on 28th May, 2020, Assam has tested around 75000 samples; 880 samples tested positive and the rest are either negative or yet to be confirmed. Assam has a large edge over Kerala with respect to the number of samples tested.

According to NITI Aayog’s ‘Healthy States Progressive India’ report which was released on 25th June, 2019, Kerala is ranked as the state with the best healthcare sector. According to the same report, Assam is ranked 15th. It can be concluded that, since Kerala has a far better healthcare sector as compared to Assam, it has got that massive edge in terms of the number of COVID-19 patients recovered, but Assam wins the race in terms of management during COVID-19. Inspite of the fact that the state is ranked 15th with respect to the healthcare sector, it is giving a strong competition to Kerala in this race. Recovery rate in Assam is slow but steady; containment of transmission has been successful; a massive number of samples are being collected everyday to be tested. Thus, we introduce before you, the “Assam Model” to fight against COVID-19, even with an average or below-average healthcare sector.

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