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Assam Government releases detailed COVID-19 related statistics

The Health and Family welfare department of Government of Assam has released a media bulletin detailing various statistics regarding COVID-19 in Assam. These are as follows :

  • Till date, 67,750 passengers have been screened at airports.
  • Till date 58,334 passengers have been tested at land port in Darranga, Mankachar and Sutarkandi.
  • Total 1,95,000 persons have been screened at various airports in the state.
  • Total 5,93,711 persons have been screened at various places in Assam.
  • Total 2,92,132 persons coming from COVID-19 affected countries/states have been enrolled for observation. 1,37,672 have completed 28-day observation, and 1,50,322 have completed 14-day observation.
  • Till date, 1,69,842 samples have been collected. Out of them, 2937 have tested positive, and 1,59,760 have tested negative, and the results of the remaining samples are awaited.
  • Out of 2937 positive cases, 5 have passed away, 1844 are under treatment, and 1085 have been discharged.
  • 17324 samples had been sent to Silchar Medical College and Hospital. Out of these, 358 have tested positive, and 15715 have tested negative.
  • 104 (Sarathi) and COVID-19 control room have received 56,346 calls till date.
  • There are 3,338 isolation beds in the state at present for treating critically ill patients.
  • There are mass quarantine facilities for 27,197 persons in the state.
  • There are 595 ICU beds in government and private hospitals, and 398 ventilators available in government and private hospitals.
  • Till date, 7,32,496 people have been surveyed.
  • Contact tracing : Till date, 17,318 persons who have come in contact with COVID-19 patients have been traced, and 35 of them have tested positive for COVID-19.

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