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What does Photography mean to Cachar’s Photographers

Celebrating yesterday’s World Photography Day, Cachar Chronicles decided to reach out to the photographers of Cachar to know what exactly does photography mean to them. Cachar Chronicles has been blessed with a number of beautiful definitions on ‘Photography’.

Dibyendu Das

“If I say literally, Photography means capturing the light with a piece of equipment. But in my opinion, Photography is something like an addiction to the passionate photographer which a person can’t quit ever. Further, if I analyze the art from my perspective, then I will say that I want to show the viewer what he can’t see through his naked eyes. I also try to capture the rare moments which can’t be repeated again and again. To me, photography is that space, where I can find myself. When I do photography, I get cut up from my daily life and enter into a different zone. So in the end, I can say the meaning of photography is different to every individual. If I say in one line, I will say that “I LIVE PHOTOGRAPHY’

Hizol Choudhury

“Photography is very personal to me, it is a very individual way of expression. At the same time, it is a language that is understood by many thus making it a clear language to be understood by masses. Photography meant different things throughout various pages of history. It was revolutionary, artisanal, corporate etc. In recent times it has become a “profession” to many leaving its artistic integrity. But to be honest, I am not in it for the fame or amount of money I earn or appreciation or validation I am gifted with, rather I like photography because I enjoy holding the power to capture and solidify a particular moment which will be there just the way it was for generations to come.”

Debraj Chakraborty

“To me Photography is the medium of expression of my artistic urge. The great contentment and success to me is when I am able to inspire someone to take up photography as a hobby or travel to the destination which I have photographed. My mantra behind a perfect shot is “Shoot shoot & shoot till the time, I am able to capture what I had envisioned and then be the harshest critique”.”

Dr. Pinak Mohanta

“To me , Photography is an art, an art of creating beauty with anything that you see with your naked eye and then following it up with the lens of your camera to capture that beauty. Only a photographer knows what angle should be taken once you have spotted/seen your subject. Now, that requires learning too. A couple of good images coming out of your camera makes your day and gives you immense satisfaction that you have done something good with your day and I love to have this feeling. I love releasing the shutter and creating good photographs.”

Arup Mazumder

“For me Photography is Capturing life. Photography means painting with light. The word photography came from the Greek word Fotografo. Yes, it’s a simple question, but one that elicits interesting—and often emotional—responses.
Photography also gives me a creative fulfillment, it helps me express myself artistically and that’s a wonderful thing, creativity is a major part of my life. It may help you understand my point of view if you know a little more about me, I have been involved in photography for over 10 years now ever since my father bought me a Nikon DSLR Camera in 2010. Now I’m fortunate enough to make a living from it as a professional photographer.”

Dev Dutta

“According to me, photography means freezing the nature’s beauty, or more precisely, freezing any aspect of nature’s beauty, it can be a portrait or a landscape or subjects of any other genre. Our created photographs define our perception of interpreting this World. Photography gives me the real happiness and more than that, each and every story, which I cover using my camera, teaches me a lesson in life. Photos always make me remember the fact that everything is subjected to change; today when I look at a piece of landscape photography clicked few years back, I realise that even the mightiest thing on this earth, “Mother Nature” is subjected to change which teaches me that change is the universal truth of life.”

Subhadeep Dam

“I love documenting love stories and emphasising on story telling ideas. I work more on adding creative visuals to my viewers, making it more dramatic and pleasant. “World Photography Day” is a big day for me to celebrate my endless passion towards photography, and the best part about photography is that we can freeze time and cherish it for the rest of our life. Last but not the least, I feel incomplete without photography.”

Shibam Dutta

“For me, photography is the ability to see the world differently, to observe minute details and beauty in it. It is to organise the elements into an effective and compelling composition. To capture a good photograph, all you need is composition and a very good sense of light.”

Saurav Das

“To me personally, photography is an instrument used to convey stories and express what’s within the frame. It enables the diffusion of information of things as they really are, without revealing that a photograph was taken and instead placing the audience in front of the subject. In addition, Photography is also a very powerful medium which stops time, giving the viewer a moment to think, to react, to feel, to soak in the details of situational moods and feelings.”

Dev Bhattacharjee

“Photography is not just a fancy profession, to me photography is a lifestyle I lead. It’s been quite a time since I started practicing photography, and to be honest, my life has turned apart since then. I’ve witnessed some of the most amazing sunrise and sunset through my viewfinder and many other things in-between. Photography is a disease and I’m a sick shutter bug.”

Udayan Dutta

“Photography, in my life, started as a mere hobby to escape the monotonous routine, but in no time, it became a passion and now it is my profession. Hence it can be deciphered what photography is to me, “a state of flow” where I lose sense of time and space. Photography fascinates me because it can capture emotions and moves. Even simplest photo has a story that tails along with it. I, therefore, am a wedding photographer because, it is in weddings where you can see plethora of emotions to potray through the lens of my camera.”

Arindam Goala

“For me, photography is the art of capturing emotions through a device, it can be a professional camera or a smart phone. Through photography, one can express his/her way of looking at an object or a scene which is not usually noticed by everybody in that particular way.”

Sharu Mazumdar

“Photography is one of the most important aspects of my life and recently I have been thinking more about what it really means to me. For me, I believe it is a way to express myself, I’m not so much concerned with the technical side of photography, it’s more about creating art that creates a deeper meaning. Photography connects us to the real world in the most unique way.”

Ketan Paul

“For me photograph is the only thing that we are going to love in future so i do click it in a unique way to make the scene more memorable. I choose photography or cinematography as a platform where i can showcase my talent by creating unique pictures and videos with unique ideas. I believe photograph is the only thing that keeps a moment from running away.”

Rohit Dey

“Photography changed my perception of looking into this world. I was once a guy who used to think that the nature lacks details, today I know that the nature is one of the most detailed object on Earth. I was once an introvert, photography taught me to socialise with people. Photography is a vast knowledge, you find new concepts everyday. I click photos for my own satisfaction, and I never bother about what this world thinks about the photos I create. I have always tried to click repeatedly, until and unless I get a perfect shot.”

(This article has been arranged and written by Swagatam Roy)

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