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The young Prantik Dey and his musical Journey

Prantik Dey, a well-known name in the young music community of Silchar who needs no introduction, but still for the people who may be living under a rock, Prantik is a young guitarist and an amateur musician who is very famous in the social media for his gigs. He has also performed for many open mics such as Verse-pe-Verse and so forth.

Prantik in collaboration with six of his friends formed a band 6 Symphony back in the year 2018. Since then there was no looking back. Together they have performed in various college gigs and on open mics as stated above.

Pratik Dey with his band 6 symphony

Prantik’s story may not be a motivational one but is a sure very witty one. Once a video game addicted Prantik forcefully started learning guitar since 2012 when his mother forced him so that he could get over his addiction to computer gaming. Initially hated the idea but later this marked as a turning point of his life and Prantik fell in love with the strings and music as well. Currently, Prantik is also learning music production with his childhood friend Rohan Dey. Apart from guitars he can also play keyboard, mouth organs to mention a few.

An alumnus of Holycross School and Ramanuj college Prantik has worked in more than 3-4 music videos which are there in his social media platform “ Prantik Dey Music”. He covered songs like “Kaho na kaho” , “Lag ja gaale” and others. He has performed in many stages and notable open mic programs in the city.
When asked about his upcoming projects, Prantik said that on 15th August, that is Independence Day of India, he and his team will release a music video “Bharat Bhagya Vidhata” as a tribute to the Nation. Where 12 singers will sing the National Anthem in different chores in presence of 3 musicians which includes Prantik himself and 1 other who will be on recitation. He said that he is very excited about this project and is close to his heart.


Taking to Cachar Chronicles correspondent Bishal Nath, Prantik said that he has no intention to take on music as a career and he is doing it just for fun.

He said that he will pursue a PhD and wants to become a professor one day. Currently, he is a 5th-semester student of Gurucharan College with Mathematics honours.

When asked about what message he wants to give to the young learners? Prantik replied that he is still learning and has miles to go and he is not someone one to motivate people to choose music as a career but according to him one should never give up on his dream of music even if their parents aren’t being supportive. Balancing both education and music is what needed to have a successful life and career in the future.
You can watch Prantik’s work on his social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Click Here to dive into his musical world.
And the music video “ Bharat Bhagya Vidhata” will be available on his Facebook Page Prantik Dey Music on 15th of August, 2020.

The Team of Cachar Chronicles wishes him all the best for his musical journey ahead.

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