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The Lost Symphony – Reanimating the Legends : An initiative towards rejuvenating the songs which have faded into oblivion

“The Lost Symphony – Reanimating the Legends” is an instagram page, which focuses on rejuvenating or “reanimating”, as they say, the legendary retro songs which have now faded into oblivion. The page is handled by a group of former school friends, who might have been scattered physically, but are united emotionally; the phrase, “Divided by Distance, United by Retro Songs” suits them perfectly, “It was a dream to do something along with my school friends,” said Rupayan Dutta, the founder of “The Lost Symphony – Reanimating the Legends”. Cachar Chronicles feels that it is important to feature and appreciate such a beautiful initiative, thus the Managing Editor of Cachar Chronicles, Swagatam Roy, had a conversation with the founder of “The Lost Symphony – Reanimating the Legends”.

The members of “The Lost Symphony – Reanimating the Legends”

Q. Can you tell us what exactly “The Lost Symphony – Reanimating the Legends” is all about?

A. As the name suggests, “The Lost Symphony – Reanimating the Legends” aims to bring back the lost essence of old songs and their singers, who once used to rule over everybody’s heart, but now, have faded into oblivion. This initiative is basically a humble effort to recall all those legends and their legacies. We upload a series of three retro songs, sung by a particular singer, two of which are selected by our research and development team and the remaining one is selected based on the suggestions received from our audience. We started with Lucky Ali, then moved on to Abhijeet Bhattacharya, and currently working on Falguni Pathak. Once, Abhijeet Bhattacharya commented on one of our videos and featured us on his instagram story, which was the biggest achievement, we could have, till date.

Q. How did the idea of taking such an initiative, popped up in your mind?

A. It dates back to a day when I was listening to a song, sung by the legendary Manna Dey. Suddenly, a thought popped up in my mind, that this is so unfortunate that such beautiful songs do not find mention among the youth of this generation. Thus, I decided to do something which can bring back the charm, that those retro songs once used to have. This was followed by many discussions, which ultimately led us to the creation of “The Lost Symphony – Reanimating the Legends”.

Q. There has been a criticism, which generally comes from the people, who have been strong admirers of retro songs. They say that the contemporary songs lack the charm that they retro songs used to have. What is your take on that?

A. I will like to answer this question with reference to the contemporary remix songs, that, many are fond of. There was a band during the 1990s, “The Aryans”. They too used to produce remix songs. Once, they created the remix of “Aankhon mein tera ye chehra”. Everybody accepted that production. Now, what I mean to say is, if the remix conserves the soul of the original song, then it may turn out to be awesome but if you destroy the core soul of the original song, it would eventually lead to a disaster.

Q. Retro songs used to have a lot of instruments in the background, but it has been found that the contemporary listeners prefer the Unplugged Genre. What is your take on that?

A. The issue of Generation Gap will come into importance here. The generation, we are a part of, mostly prefers such a music, which has calmness in it, whereas, if we talk about the listeners, from a period, 20 years back, they have preferred the retro songs with a whole lot of instruments in the background. But now, the ethic is that, we should conserve our roots and then promote contemporary products. At the end of the day, artists and their arts are subjected to adaptability.

Q. Where do you see “The Lost Symphony – Reanimating the Legends” in the far future?

A. It is a difficult question to answer as of now, considering the fact that we have just started. Once, a friend of mine asked me, “What will happen if you exhaust the list of singers?” That was a question which I will love to answer. See, there are many singers, uncountable as a matter of fact. Now, it is 2020, let us consider that we can survive till 2025 and well after that too. Then, in 2025, the songs of 2015 are going to fade into oblivion and thus they will become the type of songs, we would love to feature at that point of time; mind you, a decade is considerably a long period.

Cachar Chronicles expresses its gratitude towards “The Lost Symphony – Reanimating the Legends” for taking this unique and required initiative. The whole team of Cachar Chronicles wishes them a bright future ahead.

To visit the official page of “The Lost Symphony – Reanimating the Legends”, click on the link below:


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