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Bhabikal Theatre Group Organises Monthly Theatre Fest, 2020 on Facebook Live, initiates festival by performing “Achalayatan”

The Performing Artists around India have been acutely inactive throughout the Lockdown. India has entered into UNLOCK 3.0, but theatres and cinema halls are still inactive, mainly due to the fact that, these places witness large congestion. Amidst all these unusual circumstances, in a revolutionary initiative, Bhabikal Theatre Group, Silchar, has organised a Monthly Theatre Fest via facebook live, starting from 8th August, 2020. The festival got initiated with Bhabikal Theatre Group, performing a part of the famous play, “Achalayatan” by Rabindranath Tagore.

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On the eve of 8th August, 2020, Bhabikal Theatre Group went live from its official facebook page, to mark the initiation of the “Monthly Theatre Fest, 2020”. The group performed the play, “Achalayatan” by Rabindranath Tagore. The play was directed by the veteran Theatre Director of Barak Valley, Santanu Paul.

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Tagore’s “Achalayatan” reflects the constraints of Indian Education System and promotes independence of creativity among children. The play beautifully describes the feeling of liberty. Achalayatan, an institute, where, even looking outside into this amazing world, is considered as the biggest sin. Ponchok (a senior student of Achalayatan), symbolising students’ revolution, openly supports Subhodro (a junior student of Achalayatan), who mistakenly, looked into the world outside. Bhabikal’s performance shows the power of students’ protests, if they are exhibited with a noble intention. The names of the performers are enlisted below :-

  • Sayantani Paul as Ponchok
  • Kaberi Roy as Shubhodro
  • Ranjan Das as Guru
  • Probir Kumar Das as Acharya
  • Swagatam Roy as Upacharya
  • Pallab Bhattacharjee as Upadhyaya
  • Kaushik Choudhury as Maha Ponchok
  • Nehal Bhattacharjee, Bipasha Chakraborty, Sayanti Bhattacharjee and Alfab Raja Choudhury as Students
  • Music : Soumya Das
  • Concept, Design & Direction : Santanu Paul

The Director of Bhabikal Theatre Group, who directed the play “Achalayatan”, Santanu Paul, in a conversation with Cachar Chronicles said,”We have taken this initiative to continue promoting and spreading the art of Theatre. The nation has been in a lockdown for a long time now, and that has become the reason today that neither spectators can visit us, nor we can approach them as artists. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to take the help of technology and social media platforms to reach our audiences. This system is quite new to us, and we will try our level best to present our ideas in front of the audiences. We will be honoured if our dear audiences do constructive discussions and criticisms because we believe, this can lead to a better version of the things, we are doing today. We wholeheartedly welcome all our audiences to be with us throughout this Monthly Theatre Festival of Bhabikal Theatre Group. Various Theatre Groups from in and outside India will be performing live on the official facebook page of Bhabikal Theatre Group. Two plays will be presented each month. We have decided that short plays will be presented and long plays will be avoided as it will make sure that our audiences have the privilege of watching the plays without being worried about missing other important works.”

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