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Assam’s first newspaper for kids named “The Young Minds”

2 women entrepreneurs named Neelam Sethia and Neha Bajaj have launched a newspaper, specifically designed for kids to promote creative thinking among children. It is for the children of 4 to 14 years of age.

This is a weekly newspaper. Contents will be very interesting as informed by the editors and it help in engaging the children, in fun activities such as puzzles games, riddles, fun fact, news, vocabulary, science and mathematics experiments. It will also provide a platform to their arts and creative write-ups and children will be able to win prizes by participating in the monthly contests.

Neelam Sethia said, “Holistic learning is very important for children. This concept is initiated to inculcate reading habits among the kids in this digital era. It will help them to learn contents that will nurture their reading habits and will keep them away from digital screens.”

Commenting on the launch of “The Young Minds”, co-founder Neha Bajaj said, “Reading allows child to understand and comprehend thoughts in a much more productive way, thus helping them to build a strong hold in literacy and social skills.” First copy of young minds is scheduled to release in November.