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A new era for mask making tradition of Assam evolving with coronavirus outbreak

Assam is the home of craftmen and known for their famous handicrafts. Mask making is a tradition of Assam and practiced also quite often in in Majuli’s satras. Mask making is a heritage of Assam. Earlier different material like wood ,clay ,bamboo are used to make this mask. Mythological characters are widely seen. Quite a number of men and women are associated with it. Mask is also used as a part of performances.

But suddenly this capability of mask making and the form of mask making changed during the covid-19 outbreak. The lost art is rejuvenated in another form for another cause.

‘ Gamusa’ evolves from momento mask in Assam. People started the startup of teaching other people how to make mask at home. ‘Gamusa’ face masks are the most convenient phase covers to fight against Corona virus pandemic. ‘Gamusa’ style face masks by rural entrepreneur in a creative way has been applauded by all across the state. Honour and safety combined their hands together. Now the making of face masks bring livelihood for Assam people in rural areas.

More than 2,200 women associated with 1,1 63 Self- Help- groups (SHG) in all 33 districts have produced over 4.43 lakh cotton masks and have earned 76.6 lakh so far.

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